A cleaner future for dairy

At JOZ, we’re not interested in treading water. Bolstered by our decades of experience in Dutch dairy farming, we now work together with approximately 80 employees on smart solutions for dairy farmers in more than 30 countries around the globe.

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A Cleaner Future for Dairy

Clean milking parlors produce clean milk. They also protect animal health, enhance worker safety, and build a better image for the dairy industry. At JOZ, we have spent over 70 years becoming a leading barn cleaning equipment manufacturer in North America by creating and improving animal waste management equipment. Developed and perfected on Dutch farms, our technology is now in use in over 30 countries around the world. We invite you to be our partner in helping ensure a cleaner future for the dairy industry.

At JOZ, we make sure that our solutions are built with durability and versatility in mind. No matter what configuration your dairy uses or how big the operation is, no other parlor cleaning system manufacturer can match the solutions that we offer for your waste management and feeding needs. We know that efficient manure removal has a major impact on barn hygiene because healthy animals depend on good legs and hooves. We developed our solutions according to the 'clean floor, healthier animals' principle for good reasons.


Here is a closer look at what we provide our customers:

The only way to have consistent milk quality and optimum animal nutrition

is to deliver the proper feed ration at a consistent rate. The Moov 2.0 feed pusher robot maintains feed availability at a consistent level around the clock, reducing labor costs, increasing herd productivity, and enhancing livestock health.

An efficient parlor should use a well-planned schedule.

As the leading manure robot manufacturer, we offer the Barn-E and JOZ Tech manure robots. These devices clear waste on a schedule set by the operator, automatically sweeping through manure alleys guided by transponders. They operate quietly with no disturbance to livestock.

Reducing nitrogen emissions and runoff

is an important goal for farms, and no manure equipment manufacturer does it better than us here at JOZ. The MCK 350 nitrogen cracker uses a two-step process to separate water and ammonia, reducing nitrogen release by up to 80% while lowering methane emissions.

There is always a lot of interest in converting animal waste to fertilizer,

but this process requires more than simply transporting waste from the barn to the field. There is a need to remove manure from the storage space and then separate it into its solid and liquid components. The JOZ separator makes this process simple and efficient.

As a leading manure scraper system manufacturer,

we have always made sure to provide more options for the worldwide market. The Delta Scraper has a design optimized for use with straw bedding and on fragile surfaces like sand. The unit has just two moving parts and a folding design that is easy to move and store. It can even be driven on!

Safe movement of equipment around livestock is very important for herd health.

The Multi Scraper has rounded edges that reduce the risk to cows. It also has a short deployment distance that maximizes the amount of the floor that it cleans.


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Reach out to our team here at JOZ for a host of barn cleaning solutions. Let us be your partner in providing the equipment your dairy farm needs. Our solutions are available worldwide from select dealers. Rest assured that JOZ dealers have all undergone the necessary training in terms of consultancy, technology, and service.

Call us or fill out the online form to get in touch with a dealer near you. We look forward to working with you.